What is the theme of the 2013 Annual National Conference?

The theme of the 2013 conference is broadly defined by facilitating the sharing of knowledge, information and experience among our members, those of which include professional associations and industry bodies, charities and special cause groups.  The 2013 National Conference is particularly interested in having participants educated in the current industry bodies, but also the framework in which they exists, exploring globalization, heightened nationalisms, continued migration, shifting cultures, rising inequality, concerns over security, climate change, and sustainable development, among other topics.

What format do the sessions take?

The conference convenes a variety of panel formats, speakers and interactive roundtable discussions. We accept submissions for panels in any of these formats and encourage innovation. We also strongly encourage participants to organize mini-symposia comprised of 2 or more sessions around a shared topic or theme. 

Does the conference offer any funding or support to attend?

Yes. The 2013 National Annual offers a Conference Travel Grant to defray the costs of trans-Atlantic travel to the conference. This grant is only available to North American scholars at our 2013 conference in Sydney and only available to European scholars at our 2014 conference in Washington, D.C. 

Do I have to present at the conference to attend?

Absolutely not! The 2013 National Conference welcomes attendance by all attendees around the globe, regardless of their participation in conference sessions.

Are there limits on how many sessions I can participate in?

No. You may present and take part in all sessions and streams.

How do I submit my request to attend?

You can fill out our registration form and return to the corresponding Manager for submission.  Please click here to direct you to that page.

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